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Reggie Bullock
Reggie Bullock
Position: G
Born: 03/16/91
Height: 6-7 / 2.01
Weight:205 lbs. / 93 kg.
Salary: $1,252,400
The Pistons are intrigued by Bullock, fully aware of his pedigree. He was caught in a numbers game with the Clippers, who loaded up on veterans with the postseason in mind, and wasn’t in Phoenix long enough to make an impression after being included in a trade-deadline deal last February. At the same time, he wasn’t targeted by the Pistons when they dealt with the Suns in July to fill their need at small forward, but came along with Marcus Morris as Phoenix scrambled to create cap space for its failed pursuit of free agent LaMarcus Aldridge.
And in a crowded wing field that will require paring by Stan Van Gundy to fit the 15-man roster limit for the start of the regular season, Bullock might indeed be the best shooter of those on the bubble for the last spot or two. But it’s his defense, Bullock believes, that will sway Van Gundy in the end. “I can guard stretch fours,” he said. “I can guard threes. I can guard twos. Get my feet quicker, now I’ll be able to guard ones. I like defense, so I should be able to guard pretty much one through four.”
Zach Lowe (14:12): “It’s unfair to say that you lost Greg Monroe for nothing. Because you didn’t. No one ever loses a player for nothing. You lose him for the cap space that turns into (Ersan) Ilyasova and Marcus Morris, and a shot at Reggie Bullock and some other things. But do you regret how the Greg Monroe thing unfolded? Do you regret that you didn’t max him out a year ago when you had the chance to and he took the qualifying offer? Is there any regret there?” Stan Van Gundy: “Um…you know I’ll be honest — I go back and forth on it. I really do. Because I think Greg is an outstanding player and I think he’s a high-character guy as well. And I think those are the guys that you generally want to build around. But I don’t think that, you know, he and Andre Drummond are the best fit. Not saying you couldn’t make it work, but certainly not the best fit. First of all, I think the game is moving smaller and quicker as it is. The teams that have continued to play with two big guys – at least one if not both are guys who can step away and make shots. Indiana played with David West. Memphis plays with Zach Randolph. Those guys can all go 17, 18 feet and make shots.”