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Reggie Miller
Reggie Miller
Position: None
Born: 08/24/65
Height: 6-7 / 2.01
Weight:195 lbs. / 88.5 kg.
Reggie Miller: But the media, of which I am a part, always says, “Well, he never won a championship.” And I get that; I understand that. Not winning a championship burns me to this day. After reaching six Eastern Conference Finals and an NBA Finals only to finish without a title, I sympathize with Durant’s dilemma. A rebound, loose ball, free throw, missed assignment, missed box-out can change everything. Being so close and ultimately losing sucks. Nevertheless, it was the fight to put Indiana on the map that, in my mind, is my greatest accomplishment.
The Curry incident is different than the one-game suspension Miami forward Udonis Haslem served during the 2006 playoffs and the one-game suspension Indiana’s Reggie Miller served in 2001 for throwing his gum at referee Eddie Rush. Haslem, in a first-round game against Chicago, threw his mouthpiece in frustration toward referee Joey Crawford. Had Curry hit Phillips with the mouthpiece, the league office would likely have had no choice but to suspend Curry.