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Reggie Miller: Did you guys even listen @Mark Jackson words on @Stephen Curry? He said he’s hurting game basically because he’s so good and a COMPLETE PLAYER, that all we see is him making those ridiculous 3-pt shots that’s all kids see him as. NOO, there’s a lot more to the MVP’s game then 3-pt shots. People need to know how hard @Stephen Curry has put into his all around game.. Please watch the clip of what he said.. And not go by headline of Mark saying he’s hurting the game. Mark has zero beef or issue with @Stephen Curry.. He’s giving him props..
Storyline: Mark Jackson-Warriors Relationship
“He still has a lot of chapters to write,” Miller said, “but, right now, you could certainly consider him among the top five shooters of all time. The streak that Steph has been on since last season rivals the greats of the game. It’s hard to say he’s better than Larry Bird or he’s better than Steve Kerr, his coach, because those guys did it for much longer. But for this short a period he’s in that group. And he keeps improving. If he can beat his own record for most threes in a season, then you’ve got to consider him one of the best ever.”
“What made Jordan so great,” Miller told me, “was that he could get the ball way up in the air and finish it. But you don’t have to dunk to be like Steph. Every kid looks at Steph and thinks: I can shoot and dribble. I can do that. You don’t have to be like Mike anymore. You know, Mike was an asshole. I was an asshole, too. But you don’t have to be an asshole to be successful. Steph is living proof.”
Reggie Miller: Normally I don’t respond to articles written positive or negative but @NewYorker piece written by @charlesbethea was well done, but please don’t try and pit @StephenCurry30 against myself. I’ve done nothing but marvel at what this young man is doing, we all are. Don’t tease the article by saying I don’t think @StephenCurry30 is as good as me when in the article it’s nothing but compliments, not fair to me or