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Richard Jefferson
Richard Jefferson
Position: F
Born: 06/21/80
Height: 6-7 / 2.01
Weight:222 lbs. / 100.7 kg.
Salary: $1,499,187
James’ response to Love’s benching was crucial. After all, at shootaround Friday Love said, “In a lot of ways before you can lead a game, you’ve got to learn to follow. If there’s going to be anyone in the league you’re going to do that with it’s going to be LeBron.” James was diplomatic. He credited Love for how he played when he was in there. He credited Blatt for having a “good feel for the game” in his substitution patterns. And he credited the Cavs’ fourth-quarter lineup that had him paired with J.R. Smith, Matthew Dellavedova, Tristan Thompson and Richard Jefferson for virtually the entire period for finishing the job.
“He wants to win,” Richard Jefferson told of Love’s latest sacrifice. “I think all of the talk about him going other places and this and that, he knew this gave him his best opportunity to win and win now. That’s another indication of who he is as a person and player. For him to let guys ride — obviously as a competitor you want to be in there — but winning is most important. Winning is more important than numbers and winning is more important than anything. He’s a good basketball mind and if he sees guys playing well he’s going to try to ride that.”
Richard Jefferson can’t remember the specifics of the last time he saw his former University of Arizona teammate Michael Wright. But he remembers the feeling playing alongside the “big man” who was the same height as Jefferson at 6-foot-7 yet regularly went toe-to-toe with behemoths down low. “He was the toughest guy that I’ve ever played with to this day,” Jefferson told before the Cleveland Cavaliers’ shootaround at Madison Square Garden on Friday morning. “Because he was a quiet guy, undersized power forward and just his work ethic and how he approached things.”
“We don’t know a lot of the details, and unfortunately, because of the high quality of journalism, there was about four different reports — suicide, not homicide, this, that,” Jefferson said. “So it’s tough to speak on something that you don’t know what any of the details are, how truthful any of the details are. But it is a really, really sad, messed-up situation to have a friend murdered.”
Storyline: Michael Wright Dies
“He was Zach Randolph. That’s who he was,” Jefferson said. “You look at Zach Randolph’s game and he was a carbon copy of that. It was eerie. We played against Zach in the Final Four and it was eerie watching two left-handers go against each other that just couldn’t jump two inches and would just bang you and battle you. I think Zach was a little surprised to find someone that was as similar to him.”
Storyline: Michael Wright Dies
Q: I want to take you back to this summer. You had a verbal commitment with the Mavs, and then the Cavs opportunity came up. Can you just walk me through what went down? Richard Jefferson: Well, I was with Mark Cuban and Chandler Parsons in L.A. As soon as I meet them, they tell me, ‘Hey, we got two of them.’ I was like, ‘What do you mean?’ Because they pretty much had tried to retool the whole team. They had let Tyson [Chandler] go, they let Monta [Ellis] go, so it was like, [I was] not going to re-sign there unless they actually have a team. So when they tell me they got DeAndre [Jordan] and they got Wesley [Matthews] … Right then, I pretty much verbally commit. I’m like, ‘Hey, I’m going to come back.’ We were sitting there just kind of chatting it up, and I was like, ‘Mark, I was going to have to leave.’ And he was like: ‘Richard, I wouldn’t have blamed you. I would have understood.’ I was like: ‘I’m glad, because I wanted to come back. I’m glad we got some free agents and there’s something to build on.’