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Ricky Rubio
Position: G
Born: 10/21/90
Height: 6-4 / 1.93
Weight:179 lbs. / 81.6 kg.
Salary: $12,700,000
Do you get tired of people talking about your jumper? Ricky Rubio: I was. I was at one point. But like I say, I learned how to not get everything too personal. I know I have to work on my jump shot, and I’m doing it. It’s not that I’m not aware of it. I know, but it’s not easy. If it were to be easy, a lot of players would be playing in this league, you know. I have a lot of gifts, I know how to be a point guard. And know I have to learn other stuff. So it’s a process. It’s not going to be easy. And maybe I’m never going to get it, but I’m going to try. I’m going to try hard every day and nobody can tell me that I’m not working hard because I know that I have to work on that.
I don’t know if you have an exact number, but how many shots do you get up when you’re healthy? Ricky Rubio: I shoot a lot. But at the same time, I thought that I was getting a lot of repetitions at one point and even doing a lot of repetitions didn’t help me. And at one point it’s more about quality than quantity. Still you’ve got to shoot a lot but at one point it’s no more about the time you put in, it’s the quality of the time you put in. So I’m trying to learn every single practice. I’ve been working this past year with [Wolves shooting coach] Mike Penberthy and I really like the way he works. I really improved my shot the last year. I couldn’t show it because I was hurt, but my jump shot was feeling good. And I feel pretty confident that working ahead with him is going to really help me.
What’s the difference between the Ricky Rubio who came into the NBA and you now? I grew up a lot. I’m still the same kid, I would say, with the same energy and the same — I would say there’s something inside of me that wants to learn every day. At the end of the day, I learn how to take advantage of every situation. I’m more smart, more experienced. I know how tough this league is. When I came to the league, I actually didn’t have any bad years. And coming here with injuries and all the stuff made me realize how tough it is. And I appreciate it even more. But at the end of the day I’m still that kid that came into the league, where everything was overwhelming. You know, like it was amazing. Still, it is. I still want to be the best I can. I work hard to be the guy I want to be. I’m enjoying every single moment.
So those 18 games, with some good ones like a triple double, the injury was still bothering you. Ricky Rubio: Yes, I felt some light nuisances, but talking to the doctors we saw that there weren’t nothing to worry about, that things were not going worse. That was what convinced me to play. In some point, the discomfort in my ankle was actually aggravating, especially after a hit I took in Oklahoma, and I decide to stop, to see if stopping one or two weeks I could get ridden of those nuisances. While not receding, we got more aggressive and the call was to get surgery done.
Ricky Rubio: First we took it as an sprained ankle, but then we found that there was muscular problems. My big toe had not any strength. That extended the recovery. I focused on having a complete and the fastest possibly recovery. I found that I couldn’t recover when I wanted to, and I started to collect medical opinions, but they gave me the “ok” and, despite my nuisances, they tell me that if I forced a bit it wouldn’t aggravate it.
I’m gonna ask you to give us a didactic explanation about your injury. At the beginning, it looked like a sprained ankle, then they said a severe sprain, and you are out two months. Then you’re back and one month before the season end you stop playing again. We learnt that you were aching and had an exploratory arthroscopy, they named it, to clean it and take a look to the foot. Tell us about it. Ricky Rubio: I was injured on November 7th, in Orlando. I sprained my ankle and I was aware that it was quite severe, because I was lying on the floor and they came to look after me and I saw Corey. -Corey Brewer was looking at your ankle. Ricky Rubio: Yes, I saw Corey and he had a very nasty expression in his face and said some English words that I’m not going to repeat. Then I looked at my ankle and noticed that it was already very swollen. It’s not usual that instantly swell, in a matter of seconds. When I couldn’t land my foot I knew it was very serious.
Ok, it could be that there was nothing to publish and a journalist forged something but it could be some kind of interested leak from Minneapolis or any of the parts involved. Ricky Rubio: When a rumor pops up, not always, but normally there is something behind. Personally, what I know is that neither me or my agents have done it. I doubt that the franchise would like to leak this because they always have instilled me a lot of confidence. Talking to Flip Saunders, he would said it to me. I think we have a very good relationship, very good feeling and we have never talked anything about that.

Ricky Rubio talks trade rumors

This week, a journalist named Chad Ford said that people surrounding you have been asking for a trade. You have denied it, telling that you want to help grow Minnesota, the franchise that put its confidence in you. Ricky Rubio: Yes, I knew nothing about it. I called my agents to check if they know something. They said that is not true. They denied everything. There always be rumours.

Ricky Rubio's camp pushing for trade?

Stan: As the Luckiest franchise T-wolves will be the 4-th ? if yes what’s their pick ? Chad Ford: Actually they have a 35% chance of finishing 4th, a 17.8% chance of finishing 3rd, a 21.5% chance of finishing 2nd and a 25% chance of finishing first. So, finishing 4th is the most likely outcome actually. No conspiracy needed! If they go to fourth, I think they take Emmanuel Mudiay and explore trading Ricky Rubio (his camp has been pushing for a trade for a while) or break outside the consensus Top 4 and take Kristaps Porzingis.