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Rodney Hood
Rodney Hood
Position: F
Born: 10/20/92
Height: 6-8 / 2.03
Weight:187 lbs. / 84.8 kg.
Salary: $2,386,864
Possibly damaging the Lakers’ “King James” dreams is the franchise playing its own role in making the Cavaliers’ roster more attractive. The Lakers recently traded two of their young talents to Cleveland – easy-scoring guard Jordan Clarkson and high-flying forward Larry Nance Jr. Cleveland acquired a veteran point guard in George Hill who complements James well with his 3-point shooting, ability to be effective without the ball and defense, and also added a talented, athletic and young scorer in Rodney Hood, who could start for a lot of teams.
Luckily for Kevin Love, he has had four years to get used to playing with LeBron and before he got hurt he was having his best season. It will probably still end up as his best in Cleveland. But now the new guys will have more time to marinate with The King. But Love is already scouting his new offensive weapons. “Fast guys and guys I can run the pick and roll with. Run pin downs, shoot the ball. So I think we got a lot of younger, faster, more athletic and I think that’s going to help us. Some of those guys just go out there and play,” he said. “Guys like Larry Nance go out there and play extremely hard. He’s a guy that just, if he gets extended minutes, could see a double-double every night. Clarkson, he just plays. Rodney Hood, I love his game, a lefty, he can defend with his size. George Hill is like the savvy veteran who went right into the starting lineup like he’s been playing with us for so long and just go and get the job done. He fits right in with our team and hopefully we can make a run at this thing.”
It seems like you’re a perfect fit for this team because you’re super athletic, you’re constantly hustling out there and you give your all on every possession. I think Rodney Hood, Jordan Clarkson and George Hill are very good fits with this roster as well. I know it’s very early, but how do you feel like you’re fitting in so far? Larry Nance Jr: It’s been great! It really has been great. On a team like Cleveland, everyone is completely focused on winning. When you have a player like LeBron James, winning is all that matters. And, look, I don’t have to worry about points, I don’t have to worry about rebounds, I don’t have to worry about assists. I don’t have to focus on stats. All I need to focus on is doing whatever I possibly can to help the team win. I just need to make winning plays – whether that’s getting offensive rebounds or playing lockdown defense or doing both! It makes things a lot easier when I can just focus on those things.
But if he stays, it gets crazy expensive, as Brian Windhorst laid out at ESPN: “Focusing on the future, if LeBron James remains and accepts a new max contract or picks up his option and the Cavs re-sign Rdoney Hood — who will be a restricted free agent — they will break all current records. It is hard to predict the market for restricted free agents. This summer is especially challenging because teams are expected to tighten spending. If James stays and Rodney Hood remains with Cleveland and lands a long-term deal that starts at $12 million or more, the Cavs would likely crest $300 million in total spending based on the contracts they have on their books. That would include roughly $150 million in luxury tax alone.”
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