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Kerr: Ah, well that’s interesting. The only thing I know for sure is I had no chance to guard Steph. So I would say, we would probably have had to put a combination of Scottie [Pippen] and Harp [Ron Harper] on Steph. You didn’t expect this to be hard, did you? Kerr: No. I do think that we would have — when I say “we,” I’m saying from a playing standpoint. I mean, this is hard to even know whether I’m saying “we” or “they.”
One day after Steve Kerr said he “anticipates” speaking to Phil Jackson about the Knicks head-coaching job, Ron Harper told The Post he believes he will interview for a position with the Knicks, as well. Harper won NBA five titles under Jackson as a combo guard, playing five seasons in Chicago for the new Knicks team president and two seasons with the Lakers. He was also a teammate of Kerr’s in Chicago and Cleveland.
NBA Legends Horace Grant, Ron Harper and Peja Stojakovic, who collectively have won 10 NBA Championships, will participate in NBA Jam. The event will feature the largest 3-on-3 tournament ever held in India and include a National Finals televised on SONY SIX. The traveling interactive basketball festival combines exciting on-court competition with concerts by well-known local musicians and authentic NBA entertainment and experiences for fans of all ages.
Ron Harper understands the desire of LeBron James to win NBA championships. He just would have handled the execution of “The Decision” a tad different, starting with a phone call. The former Cavaliers star is playing in the 87th annual Ohio Open this week at Quail Hollow. After shooting a first-round score of 98 among a field of 199, Harper gave his take on James’ choice to sign with the Heat after spending the first seven years of his NBA career with the Cavaliers. “He was a free agent, and (leaving) is his choice,” Harper said. “I think the first thing I would have done if I was LeBron James was to call up the owner of the team and tell him of the choice I made.”