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Roy Hibbert
Roy Hibbert
Position: C
Born: 12/11/86
Height: 7-2 / 2.18
Weight:278 lbs. / 126.1 kg.
Salary: $15,514,031
But despite finishing last in the conditioning drills that were open to reporters on Wednesday, Hibbert still argued he’s “doing all right.” After losing 15 pounds of fat and changing his diet this offseason, Hibbert maintained his investment will soon net some long-term gains. “I don’t want to finish last. So I’ll keep at it,” Hibbert said. “I knew what I was getting myself into when I came here. That’s why I prepared myself during the summer by running a lot more than I have in the past.”
via Los Angeles Daily News
“Losing D-West, Roy (Hibbert via trade to the Los Angeles Lakers) and (veteran forward Luis) Scola (via free agency to the Toronto Raptors) were something that I didn’t see coming,” George admitted. “But…what I saw in (Pacers) Rodney (Stuckey), CJ (Miles), and George (Hill) made me excited to be coming into a new year healthy and being alongside those guys. Then you add guys like Monta (Ellis via free agency) and drafting Myles Turner (11th overall out of Texas) and (second-rounder) Joe (Young out of Oregon) and (second-rounder) Rakeem (Christmas), guys we’re really high on for our future. And for myself to step into a new role, and being a leader for this young team, I’m excited for it.”
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A financial sacrifice was also required from Hibbert, a rarity in a league where salaries and TV deals keep getting more lucrative. He agreed to take only $100,000 of his $2.3-million trade kicker so the Lakers could also sign free agents Lou Williams and Brandon Bass. “In the long run, it was a no-brainer,” Hibbert said. “If I were to say I wanted my $2 million and the trade couldn’t get done, I would have been back in Indy and wouldn’t have gotten that $2 million anyway. I would have had to basically fight an uphill battle just to try and get on the court. Hopefully I can make that [money] up in the long run if I do well.”
via Los Angeles Times