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Royal Ivey
Royal Ivey
Position: None
Born: 12/20/81
Height: 6-4 / 1.93
Weight:214 lbs. / 97.5 kg.
Royal Ivey – Last offseason, Presti pried Ivey into retirement and gave him his first coaching job. He’s a former Thunder player who was also a teammate of Kevin Durant’s at Texas. Ivey is extremely close with a number of the players and the organization is high on him. Ivey worked with the Thunder point guards during training camp last season, but was a lead assistant for the Blue once the schedule began. With some tinkering expected soon, it’s possible Presti plants him with the Thunder full-time.
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The Oklahoma City Thunder has made multiple promotions and additions to its Basketball Operations and Blue staffs, it was announced today by Executive Vice President and General Manager Sam Presti. The Thunder has promoted Jesse Gould to director of basketball research and analysis and Ryan Lambert to college scout. In addition, the club has added Adam Harrington as shooting coach, David Howarth as athletic performance coordinator, Steve Scalzi as video analyst, and Oliver Winterbone as basketball information analyst. The Blue has hired Phil Beckner, Royal Ivey, and Drew Jones as assistant coaches.
Jackson’s waited a little longer. He was a rookie, a late first-rounder in 2011, when the Thunder reached The Finals against Miami, not getting much time at all as he learned the ropes. But OKC veterans like Nazr Mohammad put the word out that the kid was getting things done in practice, and that he was going to be good. “It was tough,” Jackson said. “A guy like Nazr told me to be patient, just continue to work, and my time would come. Nazr and Royal Ivey were my vets. I give them a lot of credit for not letting me go haywire … just preaching to me on road trips that my hard work was going to pay off.”
Point guard Royal Ivey has logged action in nine NBA seasons for four different teams. This season Ivey is looking to make the Atlanta Hawks roster as a training camp invite. Ivey, 31, knows his career is winding down and wants to play a couple more seasons and then fully plans on entering the coaching ranks. “I’m older now,” Ivey told HOOPSWORLD. “I’m 31. I want to play until the wheels fall off. No, I see a couple more years and then I want to do other ventures. I think I have a chance to coach and I’m definitely going to take heed to that. “I’m going into my tenth year. Trying to get this tenth year and then we’ll see after that.”
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Sixers guard Royal Ivey crashed into the man while running after a loose ball, spilling his glass of wine onto him and, from the looks of it, his two kids. The fan made a valiant effort to shield his children from the flying wine, but came away with only a cautionary tale about buying expensive glasses of wine in a place where massive flying objects (or people) are in range. Then again, if he can afford courtside seats in the first place, he’ll probably live.
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You went back to Texas last summer and got your degree (in applied learning and development) and, like you say, education is clearly something that is important to you. Do you find that you’re different than other players in the League in terms of how much you value education? Royal Ivey: Yeah, because of my parents. You know, education was always big in my family. Books before basketball, books before basketball. It didn’t matter the circumstances, it was just always books before basketball. That was engrained in my head, and, when I didn’t get my degree after four years of college, we were all disappointed, but I told my parents that I was going to [eventually] go back to school and get my degree. And I did. I’m a man of my word.
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What about Westbrook? Royal Ivey: He’s the self proclaimed best dresser in the NBA [laughs]. I love Russ because, you know, he’s himself on and off the court. On the court he plays with a lot of fire and he’s intense and competitive, and that’s what people see. But off the court, he’s happy-go-lucky. He also thinks that he’s a great dancer. Him, Durant, all those guys. I have love for all of them and they have a special place in my heart.
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