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Royce White
Royce White
Position: None
Born: 04/10/91
Height: 6-8 / 2.03
Weight:270 lbs. / 122.5 kg.
His well-publicized battle with the NBA over its lack of empathy, understanding and failure to install protections and services for those with mental illness, led him to leave the league. He left millions on the table but says he doesn’t regret it. “F— the NBA, f — the money,” White said. “They want to go to perpetuate the idea that the (team) owners own the game and that money and profit are the pinnacle, or that position of power is the pinnacle. “But you can’t escape the human condition with money. My generation knows that. “They (the NBA) should regret the route they took. Regret is deep and it doesn’t have to be acknowledged to have it. Even if David Stern (former NBA commissioner) won’t come out publicly and say we regret the route we took, you have to sleep with yourself at night. Everything isn’t about the front of the podium or the interview or draft night. You have to sleep with yourself.”
“As a global brand, the NBA knows the power of marketing. They knew if they labelled me a troublemaker and a kid who couldn’t fly, people would latch onto it. It would be easy to retain that Royce is too weak to play in our league. It was 100 per cent intentional and done at the highest tables in the league. “Not only because I took them on, but because I had an advantage point. Mental health and human welfare is on the other end of the scale to what their business is fundamentally built on, and that’s human exploitation. “You think they were going to give me $200 million and let me use that money or that notoriety to push the human welfare initiative? You think they were going to let me gain such a market value that now (athletic wear-maker) Nike comes and they sign me to a 10-year, $200-million deal like they are doing to these other guys?”
The dream scenario for White would be a return to the NBA, to fulfill his destiny as a professional basketball player, while continuing to advocate for mental health issues. “I’d still advocate for help, I’d just have less time to do it. I do want to get something clear, I never decided not to play because of the advocacy. It wasn’t like I walked away from the Rockets because they wouldn’t put a policy in place. I never walked away from the Rockets. I went to the D-League and I was supposed to come back to the team, but they felt it was too late in the season and they didn’t want me back on the team and they ended up trading me.
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Royce has flown many times and was willing to fly when necessary for the Rockets. The issue was much deeper, rooted in a policy so flimsy and loose that it would raise a red flag for anyone paying attention: “When me and the Rockets were discussing traveling by bus, the league was the first one to come back with the answer that it would be a salary cap infringement, a bonus. How in the hell is me traveling on a bus a bonus?