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Royce White
Royce White
Position: None
Born: 04/10/91
Height: 6-8 / 2.03
Weight:270 lbs. / 122.5 kg.
The dream scenario for White would be a return to the NBA, to fulfill his destiny as a professional basketball player, while continuing to advocate for mental health issues. “I’d still advocate for help, I’d just have less time to do it. I do want to get something clear, I never decided not to play because of the advocacy. It wasn’t like I walked away from the Rockets because they wouldn’t put a policy in place. I never walked away from the Rockets. I went to the D-League and I was supposed to come back to the team, but they felt it was too late in the season and they didn’t want me back on the team and they ended up trading me.
Storyline: Royce White Free Agency
I let people make jokes about me flying and making it seem like it was about a fear of airplanes. I let that happen because that’s an unwinnable battle. I let the league show everybody who they really are and we’re at this point now where I can talk confidently about all these things and not worry about the repercussions.” The truth of the matter is, if there’s no policy foundation, all the power lies with the governing body. That might be the status quo, but it’s not right — and it creates a scary situation where inconsistency and manipulation put too much power into one person’s hands.
One of the most alarming parts of that was the email back, where he basically told me to stay off Twitter. He basically disregarded my notion that we should meet face to face and have a real understanding about what it was I was talking about. He told me basically I talked to your agent, stay off of Twitter. No. 1, that’s disrespectful and undermining, but No. 2, it showed that what was important was the face value of the brand and not the mental health policy.”
“Royce was the best player on the floor,” Hoiberg said. (Before you ask: no, I didn’t ask Hoiberg if he’d lobby for Chicago to sign White as a free agent or invite him to camp. Given the sensitivities of what we’re dealing with, it wouldn’t be fair or right for either one of them to have to deal with such scenarios in public just for a potential story.) “I talked to Royce two days ago,” Hoiberg said. “I had a really good talk with him, talked to him about what direction he wants to go in with his life. He has to take a little bit different path to get back to the NBA level, and that’s the big decision he has to make — how he wants to show he wants to get back to the NBA.”