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Rudy Gay
Position: F
Born: 08/17/86
Height: 6-8 / 2.03
Weight:220 lbs. / 99.8 kg.
Salary: $13,333,333
There are a couple of impacting issues in place regarding a potential trade with the Kings. First, while Gay can get out of his contract after earning $13.3 million this season, he also holds a player option for $14.3 million in 2017-18. And that’s the rub. After attempting to hold the line on negotiations beyond this year, it is unlikely the Heat would want to jump into such an amount beyond next season. In other words, the Heat likely would want Gay to agree to bypass his option year before any deal is made.
Now, if the Heat know/learn that Chris Bosh won’t be able to play this season, and therefore potentially have to move Winslow to power forward, then the possibility of Gay could become somewhat more realistic. But even then, the Heat would have to send something close to Gay’s $13.3 million salary back to the Kings, a figure than cannot include any player signed this offseason (such deals are prohibited until Dec. 15). Working with that math and those limitations, it is difficult to build any package at the moment that doesn’t include Goran Dragic. Even if the Kings were interested in Josh McRoberts, his 2016-17 salary leaves you only at a $5.8 million starting point for a trade.
Casspi especially enjoyed spending time with Gay, the subject of trade rumors most of the summer. Gay has been Casspi’s teammate for two seasons since Casspi rejoined the Kings. “Having some quality time with Rudy and just talking about this upcoming season and the summer we’ve been through so far,” Casspi said. “And we got to work out there. We got some good pickups and had some great games. And he looks good, he looks healthy, he looks in shape, and I’m excited.”
Storyline: Rudy Gay Trade?
If the Kings improve their camaraderie in the locker room, they would have a better chance to improve on the court. “That’s one value a lot of teams overlook a lot in the NBA,” Casspi said. “But if you look at at how they build and rebuild, you look at San Antonio and the Warriors, they don’t have bad locker room guys. And it comes to a point where everybody’s good, everybody can play. If I make Cuz (DeMarcus Cousins) better and Cuz can make Rudy better and Rudy can make Darren (Collison) better and we push one another, our locker room can push one another and have a healthy locker room, that goes a long way.”

Rockets interested in Rudy Gay?

The problem with trading Gay, who is owed $13.333 million this season, is that the Kings would have to take back some level of salary in the deal and find a team open to taking on Gay in what could be a one-year rental. The next hurdle is value. League sources say while there are teams that have expressed interest in Gay – most notably the Houston Rockets – getting anything of real value back on what could be a one-year rental at Gay’s price tag is hard math to make work.
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