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For as much success as Smith has had this summer in China, however, there’s still the nagging itch he has about not being in the NBA. Sure, Smith has had stints in the league. After being drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers in 2014, Smith managed to appear on an NBA court 27 times from 2014-16, most notably with the Memphis Grizzlies. Despite his fleeting time spent in the league, Smith feels like he never got a fair shake in terms of being able to contribute what he does best on the basketball court: Score the ball. “There’s point guards and guards in the league that can’t create shots for others, and they need a ball-screen,” Smith said. “Or that they can’t push the ball, they’re not fast enough. And it sucks because I feel like I’m all of those things, but they’d rather have those guys because they’re easier to manage.”
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Smith takes it one step further, even. To him, there’s no way he can look at every NBA roster and believe every player on that team is better than him. In order for him to have the drive he needs to turn his dreams into reality, he needs to think that way. “I really think it’s BS that I’m not on an NBA roster, to say the least,” Smith said. “There’s no way that I can look 30 teams in the NBA, in the states, and I can go, ‘All 13 guys on this roster is better than me.’ I can’t believe that.”