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Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook
Position: G
Born: 12/11/88
Height: 6-3 / 1.91
Weight:186 lbs. / 84.8 kg.
Salary: $16,744,218
Q: Do you remember your first meeting, first impression of Russ? Kevin Durant: Yeah, I was there when he got drafted. As soon as he got off the stage I was there to greet him to the team. Immediately we just clicked. It was a guy who I felt like we were similar in what we wanted as players and who we were as men. We just kinda climbed from there together. It’s been kinda fun to see his progression because me, I was expected to be here. He was kinda up in the air. But to see how hard he worked, how much he wanted it, I realized he was cut from the same cloth I was cut from.
Q: Was it hard to gain his trust right away? Kevin Durant: I think when you meet anybody, it’s hard to gain their trust. It took us both some time to get used to each other. Because the NBA life was very new to me, I was in it for a year and we relocated. For him, it was new. He came from not playing a minute his freshman year to being a role player his second year to being the fourth pick in the draft. That’s a big change for anyone. We were still getting used to it. I was starting, he was coming off the bench his first few games. We were kids, man. We were kids. There was so much going on. But we kinda leaned on each other.
Q: Is there a moment, story, on-court or off-court, that you think back on and it really strengthened your friendship? Kevin Durant: Yeah, I remember when I had some problems with my family, (Kendrick Perkins) and him were the guys I’d call and just vent to and talk to. I say this because me and my family are great now. We’re in a good spot. But there’s times where this life is real. We make a lot of money to take care of our family, but that doesn’t mask all our problems. It may mask some, but it doesn’t take them away. I was having problems with my family and I needed someone I could relate to and Russell and Perk were there. They were guys I leaned on. They told me to just keep my head up, words of encouragement. Me and Russ had talked about that stuff, but it wasn’t as in depth. Then when I was vulnerable to him, it was like, yeah, this is someone I can lean on. It showed me a different side of him. Since then, we’ve been really tight. There’s times where we go at it.