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Sam Cassell
Sam Cassell
Position: None
Born: 11/18/69
Height: 6-3 / 1.91
Weight:184 lbs. / 83.9 kg.
Crawford: Sam Cassell, I loved him. One of my all-time favorite guys. And he’s pissed off at me. And he’s going back into the huddle. And I’m watching him. And he’s cursing me as he’s going in for the timeout. I mean, he’s annihilating me. And I don’t call a T. His back is to me. But I know he’s annihilating me. So I’m saying to myself at the time, “Joe, don’t deal with it, just [let it go].” I start walking toward the huddle, and [his teammate] is going, “Joey’s coming, Sam. Joey’s coming.” And Sam’s going like this: “F–k Joey Crawford!” (Crawford is laughing as he repeats this.) I didn’t laugh. It would be unprofessional. And I didn’t even hit him with a T, honest to God. Those kinds of guys, I just got the biggest kick out of. Sam was one of those kids who didn’t care what he said. He thought he was right—he was right.
How often do you think about Sam Cassell’s injury in the 2004 playoffs — a hip thing, I think, right before the conference finals against the Lakers? Flip Saunders: All the time. It was his hip. He made a shot out of the corner against Sacramento in Game 7 [of the conference semifinals], and he did his little Big Balls dance, and from that, he created a little avulsion fracture in his hip. No question, I think about that dance all the time. But that’s the NBA. I went to four straight conference finals in Minnesota and Detroit, and we had injury issues in each one. The team that wins the title is usually the healthiest team.