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Sasha Vujacic
Sasha Vujacic
Position: G
Born: 03/08/84
Height: 6-6 / 1.98
Weight:192 lbs. / 87.5 kg.
Salary: $1,356,146
Vujacic’s biggest value to the Knicks has been as rookie Kristaps Porzingis’ mentor. Porzingis (12.3 points per game, 8.3 rebounds) has had a terrific start to his rookie season, with Vujacic getting an assist. “Like I said way before everybody was booing, I said it’s the biggest steal in the draft,” said Vujacic, who played part of last season in the same Spanish League as Porzingis. “Not only his talent, his personality and what he brings to the locker room. He turned the boos to claps.”
Fisher said Vujacic had been impressive in camp. When the team scrimmaged toward the end of Thursday’s practice, Vujacic settled into a rhythm. He sank two 3-pointers and a pull-up jumper before dropping a crafty bounce pass to Lou Amundson for a layup. “He’s much more of a leader than he was when we played together,” Fisher said. “I think he’s helped a lot of our guys to feel more comfortable with what we’re trying to do offensively, because Sasha recognizes where the shots are, what kind of plays can be made. You should shoot the ball and you shouldn’t be second-guessing yourself. Just go out and play with some confidence.”
Vujacic, 31, who signed a one-year deal in August for the veteran’s minimum of $1.4 million, was a low-cost, low-risk addition to the Knicks. Grateful to be back in the N.B.A., he said he would do whatever Fisher, the team’s coach, asked of him. Vujacic has another clear advocate in Jackson, who, as team president, has emphasized the need for improved chemistry this season. “He has a real understanding of what we’re trying to accomplish,” Jackson said. “He has the energy and the grit that we like about his game.”