Shabazz Napier Rumors

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He was eventually traded to the Magic last summer, and is attempting to jump-start his career as a reserve point guard, hoping he has found a home. He was back in Boston on Friday night to reunite with family and friends. “It’s a great situation for me,” he said. “I’m happy to be here [in Orlando]. It’s a team that’s always improving. The transition, I think what I always look at is continue to be that person who always motivates myself, always pushes myself to be better. I always understood that each year you’ve got to bring something new to the table and that’s the only thing I focus on. I can’t focus on much of anything else that’s out of my control.”
The Heat traded Napier to Orlando on July 27 for a conditional second-round pick that was top-55 protected, essentially giving him away. “I’ve always understood the business. I got traded on draft night [from Charlotte to Miami],” Napier said. “I never allowed it to push me away from my ultimate goal. It’s still the same as a young kid growing up. It was just to play in the NBA, it was to make an impact. “I knew for a fact coming into my rookie year I wasn’t going to make the crazy impact I want to make as a young kid. It’s going to take time.”