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Shaun Livingston
Shaun Livingston
Position: G
Born: 09/11/85
Height: 6-7 / 2.01
Weight:186 lbs. / 84.4 kg.
Salary: $5,543,725
“I’m a cerebral player,” Livingston said. “Once I slide to the shooting guard or small forward, I’m a little bit more nontraditional as I don’t space the floor. So I find other ways to stay occupied and attack and cut, offensive rebound, set screens. It’s just part of being a basketball player. It’s not necessarily what you have to do when you’re playing playing the shooting guard, playing the small forward. It’s the game of basketball. Be a basketball player. It comes with many roles. How can you help your team win? For me, it just depends on the personnel that’s out there.”
Green’s teammate Shaun Livingston finds a professional application, but analytics don’t have any play in his vast life as a sports fan. “I use it as a scouting tool,” he said after a recent Warriors playoff game. “I want to know, defensively, someone’s 3-point shooting tendencies or whether a guy is a bad free throw shooter so that I know when exactly I want to foul him. I use them as an advanced scouting report. When I played for Mike Dunleavy, he was great with the scouting report … So was Erik Spoelstra … and those things were an important part.
Champagne was like mist in the air while his teammates took turns holding the championship trophy at their seats on the charter plane. Elated and exhausted, most eventually fell asleep on the special flight. As for Livingston, he sat quietly and relived the nightmare he turned into championship triumph. “I didn’t cry, but there were emotions,” Livingston told The Undefeated. “My adrenaline was too high. I was too pumped. I couldn’t sleep. I was just up thinking about how far I had come. While watching guys sleep with the trophy, everything was going through my mind like the path that I went through — playing with different teams, being in different cities.”