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Shawn Bradley
Shawn Bradley
Position: None
Born: 03/22/72
Height: 7-6 / 2.29
Weight:274 lbs. / 124.7 kg.
In 12 NBA seasons, Shawn Bradley never became the Hall-of-Fame-caliber player many thought he would be coming out of BYU. Instead, the 7-foot-6 center was known for his struggles, especially high-flying dunks by opponents at his expense. The ex-Maverick was interviewed for “Posterized,” an ESPN 30 for 30 Short on, telling his story of on-court futility and how he was perceived by basketball fans around the country. In the short film, Bradley discusses how basketball was never his top priority, but that his family and religion took precedent over team matters.
via Dallas Morning News
In some cases, that may mean outside the country. A few years ago, Bradley traveled with his family to southern India to help with Rising Star Outreach, a charity that works with leper colonies. He and his wife are on the charity’s board of directors and sponsor some of the children in the colonies. “The (charity) helps the colonists who have no social ability to raise their station,” Bradley says. “They are considered cursed and if anyone in the family has leprosy, they would all be shunned. Even they themselves see themselves as cursed. We were with a medical team that helped them treat their wounds. Leprosy can be cured with a shot, but the scars don’t go away. We take the kids who are affected and put them in a school and work with local businesses to mentor these kids. We’re just trying to help break some of the social stigmas they face.”
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