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“You’ve got to understand, right now, we’re losing games for the team,” Dinwiddie said. “The starters are playing well. They’re doing their jobs. The starters are all in double figures, they’re all playing well, ‘Dre (Andre Drummond) is getting double-doubles, Marcus (Morris) is scoring, Reggie (Jackson) is doing his thing. “We come in and we literally are giving up leads. It’s almost ridiculous at this point, so we have to figure it out. And like I said, if we’re not going to hit shots, we have to defend. If it has to be 0-0, then it has to be 0-0.”
MLive.com: You’re entering you second season in the NBA. Anybody who’s sort of helped you navigate the league landscape? Dinwiddie: Oh yeah, definitely. I’ve had several good vets. Mainly Joel Anthony, who’s been pretty consistent through both years. Brandon (Jennings) is actually a good vet too. I mean, pretty much everybody on the team could be considered a vet. But Joel Anthony has been the biggest help, and Caron (Butler) was great last year. Now I just know what to expect. You know kind of how the league functions and you’re not surprised by anything.
Blake will be the first choice when starter Reggie Jackson needs a break — despite second-year point Spencer Dinwiddie putting up solid performances during the latter part of the exhibition season. “He’s just got a lot of experience,” Van Gundy said of Blake on Sunday. “I like the way he moves the ball, passes the ball. “I thought Spencer, though, has played four pretty good games in a row, so I’d be comfortable having him out there and we’ll see how it goes, but yeah I think Steve will be our backup.”
Van Gundy also said it is very unlikely that the Pistons trade anyone currently on a rookie contract, which includes Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Spencer Dinwiddie, Andre Drummond and Kyle Singler. “Not going to happen,” Van Gundy said. “Not going to happen unless you get another guy back on his rookie deal. Basically, our philosophy coming in is first-round draft picks and rookie deals, you’re giving those up to either get similar back, or if there’s a star. If there’s one of the real stars in the league, then obviously, everything changes. But other than that, no, those guys on rookie deals are too important, and we really like our young guys. So no, that’s not going to happen.”