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Stephon Marbury
Stephon Marbury
Position: None
Born: 02/20/77
Height: 6-2 / 1.88
Weight:205 lbs. / 93 kg.
Stephon Marbury: “I think basketball will continue to rise in China with more people helping. I think my 22 years basketball experience can be useful,” the 40-year-old Marbury added. The former Beijing Ducks star is now playing for Aolong in the Chinese Baskeball Association (CBA) league, and he will retire at the end of regular season after Aolong missed out on play-off qualification. “Feb 11, 2018 will be the end of the best basketball class ever. I’m so thankful to Aolong for allowing me to play my last season in Beijing.” Marbury said. “At the end you (Aolong) gave me my final wish. For this there will always be a special place in my heart for the organization. I wanted to play basketball at 40 years old in China and it happened.”
The Coney Island native is finally retiring from basketball at the end of the season just a few days before his 41st birthday, Marbury told The Undefeated. He has spent the past eight seasons playing in the Chinese Basketball Association. “One hundred percent,” Marbury said when asked if he was at peace with the decision. “Man, I got three championships in a foreign country where I don’t speak the language. People don’t know how hard it is to play in China. They think it’s easy for the foreign players. But it’s really not. It’s really difficult.