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Steve Blake
Steve Blake
Position: G
Born: 02/26/80
Height: 6-3 / 1.91
Weight:171 lbs. / 78 kg.
Salary: $2,100,000

Steve Blake would like to return to the Pistons

Blake, 36, showed signs of age this past season. But he would like to return to the Pistons. “I’ve been doing this for a long time, and I loved my experience here,” said Blake, who has played with seven other teams. “It was great playing for (Van Gundy), and I really love playing with these guys. If they wanted me back, I’d be thrilled, but you never know in this league. I’d love to play one more year. That’s my goal, but someone has to want me.
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Blake, during the summer before his senior year at the University of Maryland, months after winning the 2002 NCAA title, got into a fistfight with teammate John Gilchrist. The fight was only rumored for years but video proof leaked onto YouTube nine years later. So when Canaan barked at Blake, he got the same in return, and each player was assessed a technical foul in the fourth quarter of the Pistons’ 125-111 victory. The confrontation did not rise to the level of Blake vs. Gilchrist, when both young players landed punches, and Blake laughed when asked if he considered firing on Canaan. “Nah, I mean, you can’t nowadays. I’ve got three kids I’ve got to feed, so I can’t afford those game paychecks,” Blake said.
Blake said the trash talk “made it fun” but Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy was none too pleased by the original action causing the confrontation on Canaan’s 3-pointer, launched from directly in front of the Pistons’ bench. “It all started, Canaan hit the three in the corner where he just knocked him (Blake) down to be able to get the shot,” Van Gundy said. “I mean, there’s two referees right there and that’s about as obvious a call as you’re going to have. He was locked up, nowhere to go, so he just pushed him off and shot the three. That’s what started it. So I wasn’t too happy with that one.”