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Steve Blake
Steve Blake
Position: None
Born: 02/26/80
Height: 6-3 / 1.91
Weight:171 lbs. / 78 kg.
The former point guard, who had three tours with the Blazers as a player, has joined the team as a coaching intern this season. Blake said he will coach only at home practices and will not attend games. “As a player, I felt like I knew the game well and could do it, but I would only want to have this role that I have,’’ Blake said after the Blazers’ first practice. “As much as I would love to be a full-time coach, I’m just not ready for that commitment, with my kids being so young and having just finished playing.’’
“I think having Steve around is good. He is a guy who, it comes from a different lens than the coaches,’’ Lillard said. “(The coaches are) telling it as kind of enforcers like, ‘you should have been here, you should of did this, this is what we wanted’ and Steve is more about teaching. He wants to see you improve and do better and he is also a vet. He played how many years … and he’s been a starter, played good minutes as a backup, been on winning teams, losing teams, so just having him there is just really helpful for the players.’’