Steve Kerr Rumors

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It took coach Steve Kerr to go off script and interrupt the end of Durant’s introductory news conference, thanking the departed Warriors, for Barnes to be remembered. “I guess I died,” Barnes said with a shoulder shrug, before breaking into a smile. He then explained why he was prepared for his departure. “Dwight trade rumors. Kevin Love trade rumors. Kevin Durant … oh, that one happened. There’s been a few instances where you consider what might happen. I was just more so glad to be there as long as I was.”
But when asked which current NBA head coaches he’d “go to war” with, Jackson did not list his former coach, Gregg Popovich, but instead said Kerr and Mike Brown as the two coaches he’d go all out for. “Steve is a guy I’d go to war for anytime. Him and Mike Brown are those guys that they always tell me that ‘Jack, you my guy, you my guy’ so those guys I learned from and I wish I could go to war with them everyday because they always have my back.”