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Steve Nash
Steve Nash
Position: None
Born: 02/07/74
Height: 6-3 / 1.91
Weight:195 lbs. / 88.5 kg.
Calvin Watkins: Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni said James Harden, who will now become the full-time point guard can be a different version of Steve Nash, who ran the up-tempo seven seconds or less offense in Phoenix. “Sometimes he will be (slower) sometimes he’ll be a faster version,” D’Antoni said. “Steve is not like your traditional jet. Steve had his pace and Jeremy Lin had his pace and guys had their pace and all the point guards I ever coached had their way of doing it and those are very good players. He’ll have his way. I don’t know if we’ll time him, ‘Ok, he’s fast or slow. It will be fast enough to score.”
4 weeks ago via ESPN
Storyline: D'Antoni-Harden Dynamic
When O’Neal first arrived in Phoenix, Nash told O’Neal about an idea he was pursuing for a reality show in which he would compete against other pro athletes in their sports. By the next season, O’Neal was boarding a Suns bus announcing that he landed an ABC show called “Shaq Vs.” in which he competed against pro athletes in their sports. “You mean the idea you stole from me?” Nash said. Awkward. Nash was upset enough to hire a lawyer and eventually was given an “executive producer” credit for the show.