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Steven Adams
Steven Adams
Position: C
Born: 07/20/93
Height: 7-0 / 2.13
Weight:255 lbs. / 115.7 kg.
Salary: $22,471,911
When posed a question by anchor Michelle Beadle regarding having to wait untill 2019 to watch the final season of the blockbuster TV show, Adams admitted he doesn’t watch Game of Thrones, but realised his resemblance to one of the casts most popular members: Khal Drogo played by Jason Momoa is striking. “I haven’t actually seen it but everyone says I look like old mate on there,” Adams told Beadle. “Apparently he died though so that’s a bit shocking.”
Kiwi NBA star Steven Adams has been likened to someone from Superman’s home planet. Minnesota Timberwolves star Jimmy Butler made the claim following his team’s recent victory over Adams’ Oklahoma City Thunder. “That [expletive] is strong”, Butler told media as he recounted his encounter with the big Kiwi centre. “He hit me with one screen today and I thought my life was over,” Butler said at a press conference.
Jimmy Butler was blasting country music in the Timberwolves locker room after they beat the Thunder on Wednesday night. Not everyone was enjoying it. While Karl-Anthony Towns was talking to reporters, someone off camera made a comment about the music to which Towns said, “It’s terrible. It’s so bad.” Butler heard him and replied, “I just had to chase Russ (Westbrook) around and get hit by Steven Adams. I can listen to whatever (expletive) music I want.”

Michael Scotto: As of right now, Oklahoma City is certainly looking to retain Paul George. The thought process when their Big Three was assembled was that it was gonna be a year-long process and you wanna hit your stride going towards the playoffs. It’s an adjustment when three ball-dominant players are coming together and trying to mesh and find their roles. You’re slowly starting to see that Carmelo and Paul George are finding their roles with Paul kinda being the No. 2 guy at this point. And Russell really going back to more of his MVP form when he was the alpha male dominant guy running the show, and really being the go-to guy. So when I look at Paul George, the way I see Oklahoma City trying to move him is if there’s a major injury. Say Melo, Russ or Steven Adams gets hurt. Then I could see it. If not, I don’t see it as of now. As long as they’re in the middle of the pack in the West, I think they give it a run. And then they try to show Paul George that ‘We can be good. We have a nucleus here. Let’s try and build around you guys and see.’