Tarik Black Rumors

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Black — who leads all rookies in field goal percentage (57.1) and ranks third in rebounds (5.6) — recognizes the progress he has made in his first year. “This is probably the most growth I’ve had in a single season since I started playing basketball,” Black said at practice Saturday. “Honestly, coming into this year … it was offensive rebounds, defensive rebounds, set a screen, roll to the basket, catch a lob. … You watch last night’s game, the whole repertoire is coming out now.”
Yet, Black pointed to his surprise cut from Houston as “exactly why it doesn’t give me added comfort.” “I would like to believe they would like to keep me. But going into the summer, you never know what will happen,” Black said. “Either way, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity and have been very fortunate with guys having my back 100 percent and carrying me along the way. That’s what I’m going to keep hanging my hat on. I’ll keep living in the moment and allow God to do what he does for me.”