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Tayshaun Prince
Tayshaun Prince
Position: None
Born: 02/28/80
Height: 6-9 / 2.06
Weight:214 lbs. / 97.5 kg.
Both chasing history and making history, the Golden State Warriors are coming to town. And that’s a big deal. “Some people will say they don’t, but I guarantee you each and every guy in this league, when they look at who won and who lost, they’re checking on Golden State,’’ Tayshaun Prince said. “If they’re not, they’re lying. How many threes did Steph [Curry] hit? Did Draymond [Green] come close to a triple-double? Everybody is paying attention.’’
“I didn’t think it’d fold out like this,” he said when asked if he envisioned his season unfolding like it has when Flip Saunders signed him last summer. “When most people talk about a guy being done, they think nine times of 10 from the offensive side of the floor. Guys like myself and [former Detroit teammate] Ben Wallace and there are some other guys could play forever if they wanted to because they do so many things without needing the basketball. “When people tell me I’m done, I look at them like they’re crazy because throughout my whole career when we won, and even when we didn’t win, the things I did on the floor didn’t show up in the stat sheet. No matter what, I can still impact the game, and I know I can still do that for a long time.”
Ford: Comps are always especially difficult when you talk about players at the top of the Big Board. At the top end of Ingram’s potential, I’ve heard scouts compare him to a young Kevin Durant and Paul George. Both were skinny, long, athletic forwards with jump shots. I see the similarities in style and skill, but it might be a bit optimistic to compare an 18-year-old to a pair of NBA MVP candidates. But in terms of his traits as an 18-year-old, the George comp isn’t a bad one. On the bottom end, I hear Tayshaun Prince a lot. Prince has had a solid NBA career, but he doesn’t exactly scream No. 2 pick. What do the stats say?