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Ely is highly regarded by his teammates, and the center said the younger players, including Harris and point guard Sean Singletary, are now turning to him for advice on how to handle themselves away from the game, and he couldn’t be happier to help out. “Normally, these guys just pick my brain about old games, but now they’re asking me about certain situations and how to handle things, and I like it,” he said. “To ask somebody that question, you have to have a lot of trust in them, and I do feel honored when they do it. So when they do it, I just give them my past experience. I’ve been in a long time, so I either did it or I’ve seen it done.”
Saying ‘mainly NBA players’ is stretching it in the Biogenesis case, but a former Biogenesis employee did say there were NBA players among the many claimed to be involved in the scandal. The NBA says they have not found evidence that any of the league’s players were linked to Biogenesis, and they are leaving it at that. Which has rubbed some people the wrong way who are saying not enough was done to find out. The league is pushing for HGH testing, but we’re a ways away from that becoming a reality in the league. In August, Portland guard Terrel Harris was suspended five games after being found in violation of the NBA’s Anti-Doping Program. Players are randomly tested four times a year during the season and twice in the offseason.
The Erie BayHawks have started to build their 2013-14 roster prior to the start of Friday night’s NBA Development League Draft. Four players from last year’s squad will return to the BayHawks for Training Camp. They will be joined by two players the team acquired via the affiliate rule, which allows D-League teams to obtain the rights of players released by their parent clubs during NBA Training Camps. Returning to the team are guards Mustafa Shakur, Terrel Harris and Nick Covington as well as forward Terrence Jennings. Forwards C.J. Leslie and Justin Brownlee will join Erie following their releases from the New York Knicks.