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Terrence Ross
Terrence Ross
Position: G
Born: 02/05/91
Height: 6-6 / 1.98
Weight:194 lbs. / 88.4 kg.
Salary: $10,500,000
Still in the hotel where he’s stayed for nearly two months after being traded to the Magic on Feb. 14, Terrence Ross recently put down permanent roots in the Central Florida area by becoming a home-owner. He can’t move in until June 1, but he said he’ll not only be here to personally do that, but he also has every intention of spending his offseason in Orlando to familiarize himself with the area and work on his game.
Terrence Ross: Man, believe me or don’t, but I love the situation we’re in. I love this roster we have: guys like Evan Fournier, and Nikola Vučević, and Elfrid Payton, and right on down the line — just young and hungry and talented players. I love the vibe around this team, of guys with big chips on their shoulders. And I love knowing that, as a collective unit, the Magic have something to prove. I hear a lot of “rebuilding” talk around Orlando … and I’m sure the other guys hear it too. But what I hope I can convey to our locker room this season, and into next — well, it’s the same thing that my big brother Kyle conveyed to our locker room in Toronto, at the beginning of that season four years ago: All you can ever ask for in this league is a chance. And here in Orlando … we’ve got a great one. We’ve got the chance to prove everyone wrong.
Terrence Ross: Thank you to the Raptors organization for giving me this chance. I remember on draft night, sitting in the green room during the lottery. I hadn’t really been projected to go very high … but I still wanted to be there. It was such a cool and unique experience, and I was just trying to soak it all in. Actually, you know what — now that I’m leaving, I guess can be honest: When the cameras started coming over to our table, and we found out that I was going to Toronto at No. 8 … I think I was in the middle of, like, charging my phone. Yeah: Soaking it in is cool and all, but I was pretty much just minding my business.
Terrence Ross: F*ck Brooklyn. Masai said those words, and the whole crowd just … erupted. It was insane. I couldn’t get over how loud it was. How pumped up they all were. Yo, for real, I remember thinking. How many people must that be? And then, as if the camera was reading my mind, the shot zoomed out … and panned over to the crowd … and, man, I swear, I will never forget it. It was just this massive … endless … sea of red and white: waves on waves of Raptors fans, gathered there together, in Jurassic Park. It was more hype than I’d ever seen it. Honestly, it might have been more hype than I’d seen any crowd ever. Must have been thousands deep. And they were all there for us. Well — for us, but for more than just us. They were there for our city.