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Tiago Splitter
Tiago Splitter
Position: None
Born: 01/01/85
Height: 6-11 / 2.11
Weight:231 lbs. / 105.2 kg.
As of now, the plan is to continue playing, right? That would be the priority. Tiago Splitter: Yes, I’m still working out. I’m not 100 percent physically, but I’m working out and listening to offers. If I’m satisfied with what they are offering, I will continue playing. If I’m not, next season I would consider going in another direction as far as my career. Are you listening to offers both from the U.S. and overseas? Tiago Splitter: No, only offers in the U.S. I want to stay in the NBA. I believe my future is here. I’ve received invitations to training camp, but no formal contract offers. I didn’t think I was ready for that, so I decided to pass and start thinking about a potential coaching career. Pretty much all teams reached out with invitations to camp. I talked to Cleveland, Utah, Clippers… I did some workouts, but no guaranteed offers.
Tiago Splitter: I want to say thank you to the Sixers organization, fans and specially Coach Brown. They gave me the opportunity to play and work hard every day with great professionalism. Also big s/o to my guys Mike Roncarati and Zac Markovitz that were there from the first day believing in me. Again, thanks my fans for all the support! #gettingreadyforthenextseason 💪🏻