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Tim Duncan
Tim Duncan
Position: None
Born: 04/25/76
Height: 6-11 / 2.11
Weight:259 lbs. / 117.9 kg.
Salary: $5,643,750
But the truth is, even some of his close friends know only superficial details about him. He prefers cooking shows to ESPN, and he treats the release of the NBA schedule like a holiday because he can comb Zagat for new restaurants to try. Popovich likes avant-garde movies and presidential biographies, and though he earns $11 million per year to coach basketball, he wishes his life were as cool as Anthony Bourdain’s. Culture or politics or the gift of Tim Duncan, the future Hall of Fame center who was the foundation to all five of San Antonio’s championships, are ripe topics. But how he grew up? “We talked about God, we talked about religion, very personal things,” said Koblik, who has known Popovich for close to 40 years. “But never about his childhood. That just wasn’t part of what we talked about.”
Anthony Davis: “For the next four years I’m going to be a Pelican. I love it here. I love playing for the organization. I don’t intend on going anywhere. I want to be here. I never was one of those guys who — I was always one of those guys who wanted to stay with their franchise, and you know, [win] championships, just like Tim Duncan did. I looked up to Tim, I still look up to Tim, but the way he did it through his entire career definitely set a great example for me, so I want to be the same way.”
Jeff Van Gundy: I loved the way Tracy McGrady and Yao treated each other as teammates. One thing they showed everyone was that basketball shouldn’t be a selfish endeavor. Yao and Tracy were kindred spirits in this way. They never fought over the silly notion of whose team it was. Instead, they understood what everyone should remember from kindergarten: to share — the credit, the blame and the responsibility. Much like Tim Duncan and Steve Nash, Yao was a unifying leader. I believe that if a great player is also a compassionate, caring, unselfish teammate, then his team’s chemistry is going to be exceptional. That’s what Yao did every day, in every way.
U.S. District Judge Fred Biery has rejected a request by retired Spurs star Tim Duncan’s former financial advisor to dismiss three of the four counts of wire fraud against him, and to move the trial. The charges allege Charles Banks defrauded Duncan in a $7.5 million loan-investment deal in a Colorado sports-merchandising company. Biery held a hearing Wednesday to consider Banks’ change-of-venue request to move his case out of San Antonio.
What do you most remember about playing with Duncan? Marco Belinelli: I mean, I was lucky to play with the best (power forward) in the league. He was so good. He made my game better. He was amazing. The leader. The (greatest) teammate that I’ve ever played with in my life. It was just an unbelievable feeling when I saw the ceremony after the game they played (against New Orleans). I listened to all the speeches that Manu, Tony Parker and coach Pop (Gregg Popovich) gave to him. It was just amazing. I know that all the things they were saying were true because I was here for two years.