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Did you hear what Tim Hardaway said about your crossover? “I’m going to tell you this and I tell everybody this: Allen Iverson carried the basketball,” Hardaway told NBA.com’s Scott Howard-Cooper. “I had the original killer crossover and people are doing my move. They’re not doing Allen Iverson’s move. They’re not doing nobody else’s move. They’re still trying to perfect my move as the killer crossover and it’s my move, all right? That’s the way it is. I brought a unique style to the game.” Iverson: Yeah, I heard about it. B/R: Any response? Iverson: I carried my crossover all the way into the Hall of Fame. So, there you go.
Would you be surprised to learn that Hall of Fame forward Dennis Rodman once again said some crazy stuff about the modern NBA? On Tuesday’s “Reiter Than You” on CBS Sports, Rodman asserted that the Run TMC Golden State Warriors were better than today’s team led by Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant. You can watch for yourself above. “Guess what, remember that [Run TMC], what they called it, Golden State back in the day?” Rodman said. “They was way better then. They were scoring like 130 points a game back then. They was way better then than now.”