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Timofey Mozgov
Timofey Mozgov
Position: C
Born: 07/16/86
Height: 7-1 / 2.16
Weight:270 lbs. / 122.5 kg.
Mozgov’s lucrative contract was just the first of many that reflected the NBA’s new $2.67 billion television deals, which increased the salary cap from $67.1 million to $94.143 million. “It was real hard to wrap your head around it,” Kupchak said. “It’s hard to get used to. But the money is there and the cap is what it is and it went up a significant amount. So the money has to be doled out.”
Mozgov maintained those elements alone, however, did not convince him to wear a purple and gold uniform soon. Nor did those factors prompt him to sound the most excited as he spoke Monday on the phone. Instead, Mozgov traced back to a five-minute conversation he had with Lakers coach Luke Walton shortly after free agency began that leaves Mozgov excited. “He said I’m going to play a lot,” Mozgov told Southern California News Group. “I really like it. The only thing in the world I want to do is be with my family and play basketball. Those are the two things that are most important for me.”