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TJ McConnell
TJ McConnell
Position: G
Born: 03/25/92
Height: 6-2 / 1.88
Weight:188 lbs. / 85.3 kg.
Salary: $1,471,382
Who are the most underrated players in the NBA? We asked a number of individuals from around the league to discuss their underappreciated peers. Eastern Conference center: “The most underrated player in the NBA is TJ McConnell from the Sixers. If you just look at his stats, they’re never going to jump out at you, but that little f***er is tough. He’s a tough kid. I remember thinking, ‘Oh, I’ll just screen this little white boy and lay him out,’ but he fights through every screen. He’s gritty and he doesn’t back down from anyone. It’s hard being a point guard in today’s NBA because you’re going against a star most nights, but he holds his own. He demands respect every single night. If you don’t respect him entering the game, you’ll respect him by the second half.”