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Tony Snell
Tony Snell
Position: F
Born: 11/10/91
Height: 6-7 / 2.01
Weight:200 lbs. / 90.7 kg.
Salary: $1,535,880
“Derrick’s voice (also) means so much to this team,” said Noah of another of his teammates who now knows misfortune and about being dismissed. “I see him talk to Jimmy Butler during a game, to Tony Snell. He talks to me all the time. It gives us confidence. He has that much impact on this tam. His words go a long way. He’s our star player and a good dude. That’s why it’s so hard to see him go down again. But he’s a warrior. He never lets up. The way he’s working now you know our time will come.”
What kind of trade could the two teams pull off? With Turner making just over $6 million this season, it’s hard to see a player on the Bulls who could be traded straight up and work under the cap. One possibility is a package involving Kirk Hinrich and Tony Snell, which would work financially. The Bulls might be willing to include a first round pick, since they are clearly a team trying to win now. It is also possible a third-team could get involved.
via Newark Star-Ledger