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Troy Murphy
Troy Murphy
Position: None
Born: 05/02/80
Height: 6-11 / 2.11
Weight:244 lbs. / 111.1 kg.
After years of working to keep up his scoring average, Murphy has become obsessed with his grade-point average. He took four classes last semester — Organizing Innovation, Societal Adaptations to Terrorism, Introduction to Islamic Civilization, and Spanish — and compiled a 3.80 G.P.A. He made the dean’s list. Professional athletes often struggle to find focus and purpose after their playing days, after the constant external validation has dissipated. Becoming a full-time undergraduate student at an Ivy League university, then, has given Murphy a means to concentrate his considerable competitive energy. “For me it was: I’m going to prove I can beat this guy. I’m going to shut him down or outscore him or outrebound him,” he said. “Now, you have these professors who are some of the best, and you want to test yourself. You want to prove you can get an A in the class.”
Murphy, who is not married and does not have children, rarely plays basketball anymore and has not had much time to watch the N.B.A. But he did attend two Columbia home games this season, and he has gotten to know some of the players through shared classes. They are some of the only students who have recognized him. Steve Frankoski, 24, a guard from Florham Park, N.J., recalled his first encounter with Murphy. “I was coming out of class one time,” he said. “I saw him. I saw this massive dude. I was like, ‘That looks like someone I know.’ And it was him, so I said, ‘Yo, Murph!’ He turned around and was like, ‘Yo, yo.’ He’s from Jersey, and I’m from Jersey, so I said, ‘Jersey!’ ”
But Murphy always wanted to complete his formal education. His parents are retired schoolteachers. He attended Delbarton, a prestigious high school in Morristown, N.J., where his grades rivaled his athletic prowess. “I think it was ingrained in him, and he took a lot of pride in his academic ability,” said Dan Whalen, his high school basketball coach. “His grades were very good, his SATs were very good, and he was a very good student, in addition to being a top, top basketball player.”