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Ty Lawson
Ty Lawson
Position: None
Born: 11/03/87
Height: 5-11 / 1.80
Weight:195 lbs. / 88.5 kg.
What do you say to prospective teams when they ask you about your alcohol problems? Ty Lawson: Things happened in the media because I drank and drove. But I’m not a person out here like everyone thinks that I’m drunk all day. No, I don’t do that. A lot of my friends, we go out and celebrate. But I’m not that person in the morning getting drunk before practice. I think there is a big misconception about what everybody thinks. That’s what I basically tell them. I keep it honest.
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Thinking back to your time with the Nuggets, if you could go back in time, what would you have done differently or have changed? Ty Lawson: I probably should have let the agent handle the situation more than me speaking out loud. That is probably what I would want to take back from it. Everything happens for a reason, I believe. Everything that happened last season is going to make me a stronger, better player.
SLAM: It’s easy to write a guy off when there is a personal issue or production slips. What needs to happen for the League to see that Ty Lawson we came to know and love in Denver? Ty Lawson: Man, I just need an opportunity. That’s all. I just need a team to believe in me and see my strengths because I do feel like people have written me off some. To see everyone talking about Mike Conley is the only top point guard of this free agency…I don’t know, but it feels like a slap in the face and is motivating me. I just need the opportunity to get back to playing my style. I feel like I will show anyone that I’m still that same player who played so well in Denver. You can forget what you knew and everything that you read about me last year because this year, it’s a new Ty Lawson.
2 months ago via SLAM
Storyline: Ty Lawson Free Agency