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Tyrus Thomas
Tyrus Thomas
Position: None
Born: 08/17/86
Height: 6-9 / 2.06
Weight:214 lbs. / 97.5 kg.
He is currently a co-owner of the Everything Philly sandwich shop near Louisiana State University. He says his body feels very good and he still plays basketball regularly. But with Baton Rouge in need of help, it appears his pro hoop days are now over and he is focused on helping the needy back home. “If something changes, it changes. But right now I don’t have any expectations,” Thomas said. “Realistically, I can’t say I am ready to hoop and I am going to have teams knocking at my door. I ain’t no fool. I am living life. I got a lot of purpose helping people. Apparently, I am doing what a lot of people work their lives to do, and that’s find their purpose.”
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Thomas is hoping his phone rings again, as he is gladly willing to talk about Baton Rouge being submerged in water by a recent tragic flood. But the ex-Louisiana State University basketball star says the phone calls he is getting now are more of the plea-for-help nature than how can we help get the word out. “Ain’t nobody talking about it. You got 110,000 people homeless, but ain’t nobody talking about it because it ain’t no god damn controversy,” Thomas told The Undefeated. “This isn’t a black and white thing. ‘Why help them? We don’t want no attention on that. That ain’t enough controversy. They are bringing themselves together. We’re not going to help you come together.’
Now, after getting a small taste of life back in the NBA last season, he wants more. Last year was the first step in his comeback, but he’s not satisfied. That’s why he has been working hard this summer to get in even better physical shape and prepare his body for an 82-game season. Thomas has been working out with a trainer in San Antonio and getting ready for the 2015-16 campaign. He’s feeling significantly better than he did during his time in Memphis, and he’s looking forward to showcasing what he can do now that he’s much closer to full strength. “Physically, I’m doing fine now,” Thomas said. “I’m in San Antonio training and just the biggest thing right now for me has just been conditioning and strength, just getting back to 100 percent. In hindsight, when I signed with Memphis, I think I was only at about 50 percent. So right now, it’s been just getting my body all the way where it needs to be with strength, weights and conditioning. That’s really my main focus right now and if I can get those things where I want them to be, the other things won’t be so hard.”