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Tyson Chandler
Tyson Chandler
Position: C
Born: 10/02/82
Height: 7-1 / 2.16
Weight:235 lbs. / 106.6 kg.
Salary: $13,000,000
Mark Cuban on his current relationship with Chandler, who was upset at how the Mavericks handled his free agency this summer: “We actually texted each other a couple times this week. We got along great. Basically I told him I’m sorry. Not because of what happened, more because I didn’t get a chance to see him after the game. I was looking for him but I didn’t get the chance to talk to him. So I texted him. We went back and forth. I think we’ve got a good relationship.”
Q: How did you come to be an ambassador for UNICEF? A: When I was in New York, they wanted me to get involved. I’m the type of person who doesn’t just jump into something I don’t understand. I wanted to take a trip to Africa and see some of the things they do. I just happen to be on that side of the globe (for the 2012 Olympics) so I decided to take a trip to make an impact and help someone rather than just take a trip for my vacation. I saw firsthand what they do. Because of that, I really wanted to get involved. Because of the stances I’ve taken and the work I’ve done, they made me an ambassador.
Tyson Chandler: Now with technology there’s so much access to anyone at all times. There’s no hiding. For us back then, it mercifully stopped after school. When the brother and sister left school, they didn’t have to face our dumb comments anymore. Now that kind of bullying can continue when they get home on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter. I see it in my own life. People say the craziest things to me online. People will follow me and post nothing but negative comments on my page. Every guy in the NBA will tell you, “I don’t read that stuff,” but the truth is that you can’t escape it. Some of the things people say are really malicious and over the line.
Tyson Chandler: Whenever I shake my head at these people, I have to look in the mirror at myself. I spent a lot of time reflecting on my younger days this summer, and there’s a lot of stuff I wish I could take back. But one thing I realized is that a lot of the bullying we did stemmed from our own insecurities. We all came from a tough neighborhood. We were all sensitive. We were all hurting in some way. But instead of coming together, we looked for those weaker than us to pick on.