Vassilis Spanoulis Rumors

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Carlos Arroyo on the NBA: “It’s not only about me. You know when I was playing in the NBA I was always following Euroleague cause of my FIBA attachment and the National Team. So I knew who Spanoulis was. If I remember well It was like 2006. I was playing at Orlando. Spanoulis has landed at the Houston Rockets and he had a tough coach, Jeff Van Gundy. It was easy for me to see that this guy wasn’t his self on the court. He wasn’t happy man. I remember talking with him about this. That they tried to control your game.
Arroyo: We have the same example with me at the Miami Heat. I had LeBron, Wade and Boss to give the ball. Can Arroyo be the real Arroyo in a situation like that? No, he can’t. He has to be a distributor for all that players. This is a very very tough situation for guys who are used to be the elite players in their teams. Spanoulis wasn’t respected that much at Houston. But, you know Spanoulis wasn’t Spanoulis at Houston! This was the case.
Vasilis Spanoulis will not give an answer to any other offer from a European club before his meeting with Olympiacos’ owners Aggelopoulos brothers and this delay affects not only the plans of the Euroleague champions, but almost every other player in the European market because three more top clubs (CSKA Moscow, Barcelona, Galatasaray) are waiting for him and according to our latest infos at least one more team will trey to sign him. The only two teams that are not affected by the postponement of the crucial meeting are two NBA franchises that are still considering the case of signing the Euroleague MVP.
Do you consider going to Houston a bad choice? Vassilis Spanoulis: “I had just won a silver medal with the Greek national team in the World Championship and I decided to play in the NBA. It turned out that what I had agreed upon, never happened. Coach Adelman wanted me, he asked me to stay, to cooperate with him and start playing. I said to him that I appreciated this, but my decision was already made. The rest was easy, the adjustment to the American way of life and the NBA lifestyle. When I don’t feel good on the basketball court, then everything is wrong and everything is bothering me. When I am full of basketball, then I can adjust, no matter the environment”.