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Vin Baker
Vin Baker
Position: None
Born: 11/23/71
Height: 6-11 / 2.11
Weight:240 lbs. / 108.9 kg.
The world’s tallest, and perhaps most famous, barista is stationed behind a busy coffee counter. His smile and easy-going style welcome customers looking for their Starbucks fix as they fastbreak to work or South County’s beaches. “I love North Kingstown. It reminds me of my hometown, so it’s comfortable,” says the man, who stretches to 6-feet-11. “I like this community. Starbucks draws a lot of repeat customers and so many know me now.”
Like all recovering alcoholics, Baker says every day is both a challenge and a blessing. He now clearly has the perspective of a middle-aged man, not a fresh-faced, 22-year old newly minted millionaire who’s the life of the party. He just wants a chance to keep bouncing back. “For me this could have ended most likely in jail or death. That’s how these stories usually end,” he says. “For me to summon the strength to walk out here and get excited about retail management at Starbucks and try to provide for my family, I feel that’s more heroic than being 6-11 with a fade-away jump shot. I get energy from waking up in the morning and, first of all, not depending on alcohol, and not being embarrassed or ashamed to know I have a family to take care of. The show’s got to go on.”
Nine years after his final NBA game, Baker looks healthy and refreshed. He smiles constantly. He said he’s in a good place, an ordained minister at his father’s church in Connecticut, having had years to recover, reflect, and re-energize after dealing with losing his career and reputation. He is eager to pass along his experiences and his knowledge to this younger generation, many of whom have to Google his name to learn of his All-Star appearances. “It’s been a great experience to give back what I know from the game,” said Baker, who played with six teams over 13 seasons. “It would be totally irresponsible for me to have had the opportunities and learned what I learned and not share it with these young men.
While many first-year players are busy looking through Instagram or texting during the rookie symposium, Baker has real life stories. Drinking turned him from a standout player to an average one, and eventually the mediocrity and the struggle to stay sober ended his career. “I think the great part of me having the opportunity to speak with them is they know [my] story,” he said. “When I talk to them, that goes a long way. But the main message is to take every day one day at a time and it’s important. Don’t take this for granted. Don’t take your abilities or your opportunity to play in the NBA for granted.
After alcohol use ruined his own NBA career, four-time All-Star Vin Baker would like to talk to troubled Denver Nuggets guard Ty Lawson, whose playing days are now in jeopardy after yet another DUI arrest. “I wish I could reach out to him,” Baker told Yahoo Sports. “I would just give him encouragement no matter where he is at with it. It’s a fight, it’s real and it’s not to be taken lightly. The unfortunate thing sometimes is you have to take a step back from what you’ve been doing your whole life to deal with something that is life-threatening. “It’s like, ‘I got to get back to play.’ You got to get right first.”
“My advice to Ty Lawson is to make his life his No. 1 priority,” Baker told Yahoo Sports. “I don’t know what this means for him as far as suspension or the discipline aspect, but it’s important for him to get a hold of it first. The biggest mistake I made was trying to keep basketball as the priority. All the flags were around me. Life is bigger than the sport itself. “When you have agents, fans, friends, family pushing basketball and all the other stuff gets kind of pushed under the rug when the signs are there that there is an issue. You got to make life the priority before someone else makes it a priority. When someone else makes it a priority, the disciplines, fines, whatever, at the end of the day it means your life isn’t the priority. It means that contract may be of importance.”