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Vince Carter
Vince Carter
Position: F-G
Born: 01/26/77
Height: 6-6 / 1.98
Weight:225 lbs. / 102.1 kg.
Vince Carter: This is what I wanted going into free agency. I wanted to be able to play and compete. I am still going to be a team guy. I’m still going to mentor guys. I’m not going to say ‘coach’ guys, but I’m still going to [mentor]. At the same time, I want to play as well. That’s just who I am and what I do. Leading up to today, there was a calming excitement, if that makes sense. I was like, ‘Man, it’s another season.’ But at the same time, I was excited to be doing it again. Not many guys can say they played 20 years. There are only a select few. And some of the guys I’ve played against are some of the legends of the game.
Vince Carter: Then, we get to game time. For me, I’m always locked in. I’m always ready to go and ready to play. It wasn’t nerves. It was just excitement. I’m excited for our young guys. Leading up to shootaround, I was asked what to expect from our young guys. I said, ‘I felt excited and confident for our young guys.’ They put a lot of work in. I asked our fans to be patient. We are going to make some mistakes. We’re young. But at the same, [the Kings fans] are going to appreciate the product we’re going to put on the floor. These young guys want to get it, they want to learn and they want to be good. That’s what it was, and they play hard. The fans are going to enjoy that, and they got to see it tonight.
It sounds to me like this won’t be your last season. Will it? I go year to year. I’ll wait until after the season to see how I feel. And I swear that every year when the season over, I feel good and say, ‘I can do it again.’ It gets harder and harder throughout the summer to just prepare and get myself where I need to be. But at the same time, the challenge and motivation is still there to do so to fight through that.
Storyline: Vince Carter Retirement?
So why did Vince Carter sign with the rebuilding Sacramento Kings? For Carter, he is more worried about playing a big role in the twilight of his career than chasing a championship ring. “I can’t do that. That’s not who I am. I want to be a part of something,” Carter said. “I want to play. It’s easy to play for a good team and sit there. It would be great to have the ring to accomplish it. Yes, I earned it because I am there every day making those guys better. I get all that. But I want to contribute.
Why Sacramento? Opportunity. They have given me the opportunity to still play and teach and mentor. I wasn’t ready to sit on anybody’s bench and play limited minutes when I feel like I still have something to give. When I don’t have much to give, I can accept the reality. I’m not ready for that. Maybe teams and people see that. ‘A limited role. Maybe we want him to mentor.’ Maybe they see that. But I wanted to see if all teams felt that way. When all teams feel that way, then the mentality, the approach and what you look for is different. It helped being with [Kings coach Dave] Joerger and the stay before [with the Memphis Grizzlies]. It’s like walking back into the Memphis locker room again with him. It was just a great situation.