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Wayne Ellington
Wayne Ellington
Position: G
Born: 11/29/87
Height: 6-4 / 1.93
Weight:199 lbs. / 90.7 kg.
Salary: $1,500,000
Few things can ease the pain, the heartache, the empty feeling that sometimes overcome Ellington, 27, any time he thinks about his father being gunned down on the streets of Philadelphia last November. But being merely a short trek up the turnpike from his loved ones now can aid in the healing process, and it’s one of the reasons the 6-4, 200-pound small forward decided to sign with the Nets in July as a free agent, reuniting with coach Lionel Hollins. “In terms of my personal life, it helps a lot,” said Ellington, who hails from the Philadelphia suburb of Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, and played for the Lakers last season. “Just being comfortable and having that supporting cast around me, have my family and having love close by, that really helps me as well. I think it’s going to help me not only on the court but in life. When you are feeling good in life, you are feeling good on the court as well. So that played a huge role.”
Losing someone so special to him altered how he views things. “Absolutely, absolutely,” he said. “You look at life differently. You take things in perspective. Things that meant things to you before don’t mean as much and aren’t as important, and the little things that obviously in life that should mean more to you become more important to you. I think that’s how you kind of look at it. You grow up as a man. I feel like I definitely took some steps in the right direction after things happened with my father.”
But while Ellington was re-establishing himself as an NBA player in Los Angeles, he also was dealing with the aftermath of the November murder of his father in Philadelphia — and doing so on the opposite side of the country from his friends and family. So while Ellington was happy to join the Nets last week for a variety of reasons, including the glaring need for his skill set on the roster and to reunite with former coach Lionel Hollins, he also was glad to be closer to home. “That’ll be excellent for me,” Ellington said this week. “I went through a lot this past year, so being able to be close to my family and friends to be able to support me and come up and catch a lot of games, that’ll be great.”