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Wesley Matthews
Wesley Matthews
Position: G
Born: 10/14/86
Height: 6-5 / 1.96
Weight:220 lbs. / 99.8 kg.
Salary: $16,407,500
When the Toronto Raptors were looking for a tough-minded, defensively oriented wing who could stretch the floor offensively there were a couple of options last summer. After some internal debate the Raptors made the safe choice and signed the healthy one: DeMarre Carroll. The other was Wesley Mathews of the Portland Trail Blazers, who badly wanted to come to Toronto. The Raptors held him in high regard too. The obstacle? Matthews was still recovering from a torn Achilles tendon. The idea of their marquee free agent signing showing up to his first press conference in a walking boot was one the Raptors couldn’t quite get their heads around.
Me: What lessons did you get practicing against Wes the last two years, and how have they helped you this year? CJMC: Yeah, I learned a lot from him, and not only him but Mo Williams, when he was there, Steve Blake when he was here. They were veteran guys who’d been in the league for a while, and they work hard, consistently work at what they’re good at and improve on weaknesses. Understanding angles, understanding the defensive angles, ball screens, chasing guys. Wes was a really great defender and an underrated offensive guy.
In The Oregonian this summer, you said you were “pissed off” that they didn’t try to keep you. Was that heat of the moment or do you still feel that way about the Portland front office? “I’m still upset that everything that I’ve done individually, everything I’ve done as a player didn’t warrant me having a separate conversation not tied to LaMarcus Aldridge. L.A. is my boy and everything, but I still feel like I did enough myself as a player to warrant a conversation or, ‘We’re going to go in this direction,’ that kind of thing.”
Would you have wanted to stay without Aldridge? “I don’t know. A lot of things would have changed and been different if there would have actually been a conversation, but I don’t know. I can’t say I would, I can’t say I wouldn’t. But that’s neither here nor there right now.” Do you expect a warm reception at the Moda Center? “I don’t see why not. I’ve given the fans everything I had every single night, and I feel like they gave that back to me. I’m excited to go there, to play there, to be on the court, to be standing. My last memory there was on my back.”