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Willy Hernangomez
Willy Hernangomez
Position: C-F
Born: 05/27/94
Height: 6-11 / 2.11
Weight:250 lbs. / 113.4 kg.
Salary: $1,435,750
“I have a great relationship with Luka”, Willy Hernangomez explains. “He’s almost part of the Hernangómez family. I talk a lot with him and what I try, from my experience, is not to create too many expectations for the time being” The Charlotte Hornets player expects Luka to rank high in the draft, if not be the first overall pick: “For me, he must be among the first, if not the number 1 of the draft.”
Storyline: No. 1 pick
Charlotte coach Steve Clifford said Hernangomez has some work to do to make the regular rotation. Before Saturday’s game, he had played only 44 minutes in nine games with the Hornets. He had nine points in 12 minutes Saturday night in the Hornets’ 124-101 loss to the Knicks. “If you were one place and you didn’t play much, I think that you would want to play more in the next place,” Clifford, a former Knicks assistant under Jeff Van Gundy and Don Chaney, told reporters at the morning shootaround. “I would work harder, do more, kill myself, that’s the way I would see it. “Unfortunately, in the world the players live in, they don’t hear that. It’s the organization, it’s the coach, the assistant isn’t working with him right . . . No, come on. The reality is this: He wasn’t playing here for a reason. You know, he’s going to have to change things.”
“He tells you the things that’s going on, the things that he wants to do and wants to improve, the things you have to do if you want to play,” Hernangomez said. “It’s very clear. I really like Steve and he’s a way different [kind] of coach. “Here everybody follows rules — defense, offense, everybody helping each other. It’s not like, maybe in New York it was a little bit free — defense, offense. Here everybody follows rules, everybody helps each other. I was really surprised when I came here to see the difference.”
The center [Willy Hernangomez], who returns to the Garden to face the Knicks on Saturday, is undergoing something of a transformation in Charlotte better-suited for the direction of the pace-and-space NBA. “I can shoot here. You see my warmups for example before games with the Knicks it was just low post and dunks. And here it’s more it’s just pick and pops, shooting 3s, floaters, I feel free to do more stuff,” Hernagomez said during the morning shootaround, with a bright smile and looking genuinely refreshed. “In New York, I was just rolling and playing the post and making passes. Here I can shoot 3s, I really feel great and nobody tells you not to shoot if you miss one shot so I think it’s going to be a great place for me to keep developing and keep improving. And like I said, I’m really excited for my career in Charlotte. It’s a great place. I’m happy.”

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