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Yi Jianlian
Yi Jianlian
Position: None
Born: 10/28/87
Height: 7-0 / 2.13
Weight:229 lbs. / 104.3 kg.
Mudiay had resisted playing in China. “Hell no was my first response,” he says. But Guangdong offered him a chance to support his family. For years Mudiay had watched his mother work 10-hour days. He wanted her to stop, so he took the best offer he had. Therese quit her job and moved to China with him. Stephane, too. The Tigers rented the family an apartment in a high rise five minutes from their arena. China, predictably, required adjustments. Two-a-days every day. Weights in the morning, skill work in the afternoon. The game there was more physical. Mudiay competed mostly against grown men—Yi Jianlian, an NBA lottery pick in 2007, was one of his teammates—and referees were more reticent with their calls. Once, early in the season, Mudiay was clotheslined. No whistle. “Totally different level of physical play,” he says.
Mudiay, who can speak French, understands how to adjust to new cultures. He went from being born in the Congo to living in the states for high school and then heading to China to play professionally. Even though he sprained his ankle there and missed most of the season—he’s been healed for a few months—he stuck out his contract and put in the rehab and shooting work. “One of my clients is Yi Jianlian, and he played with Emmanuel in China,” Joe Abunassar said. “The first thing he said to me about Emmanuel was, ‘He’s a good kid and a hard worker and a really good player.'”
But new Wizards guard Will Bynum, who signed a 10-day contract with Washington last Friday, was the 27-year-old Yi’s teammate in China on the Guangdong Southern Tigers for three months earlier this year and emphasized Yi is capable of an NBA comeback. “Yi’s [expletive] good,” Bynum said after Wizards practice Thursday. “I played against him when he was here too, when he was in Milwaukee and Jersey. He got a whole lot better. He’s physical now. He always could shoot the basketball. He’s rolling. Yi’s tough, man. He’s a matchup nightmare over there.”