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Zach Randolph
Zach Randolph
Position: F
Born: 07/16/81
Height: 6-9 / 2.06
Weight:270 lbs. / 122.5 kg.
Salary: $10,000,000
“There are more attractive places,” Stoudamire said. “When you look at Portland. I spent a lot of time in Memphis as a player and a coach. I look at those two places, they have to utilize the trade better than anybody. I said something the other day, with that trade has to be a risk. The biggest robbery of a trade that nobody ever says is when I was at Memphis as a coach we traded Quentin Richardson for Zach Randolph. Why? Because nobody wanted him. You take that chance. Zach had a year left on that deal, and you take that chance.
Much has changed for Memphis Grizzlies franchise cornerstone Zach Randolph this season. He has a new role for a new coach in a new system. But he’s still the same, ol’ Z-Bo, even at the ripe, old age of 35. “I don’t see anything different, man,” Memphis point guard Mike Conley said after Randolph’s season-high 28 points led the Grizzlies to a 102-95 victory on Saturday over the Utah Jazz. “It’s the same guy making the same moves. We joke all the time. I’m like, ‘Man, you’re never going to stop playing. You don’t look like you age. You don’t look like you’re slowing down.’ “It’s fun to see him just continually doing his thing.”
3 weeks ago via ESPN