25 Timofey Mozgov Cleveland Cavaliers
Position: C
Born: 07/16/86
Height: 7-1 / 2.16
Weight: 270 lbs. / 122.5 kg.
From: Russia
  Athletic center with great size... Excellent quickness for a seven-footer... Not very coordinated.

Grew up with LenVo St. Petersburg (Russia).
Moved to CSK Samara (Russia) in 2005-06.
Signed with Khimki Moscow (Russia) in 2006-07.
Moved to the New York Knicks in July 2010.
Traded to the Denver Nuggets in February 2011.
 Traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers January 2015.
Returned to Khimki Moscow (Russia) in July 2011.
Played at the Global Games in Dallas in 2006.
Won the bronze medal at the European Championship with the Russian National Team in 2011.
 Won the bronze medal at the Olympic Games with the Russian National Team in 2012.