41 Dirk Nowitzki F 7-0 $22,721,381
0 Shawn Marion F 6-7 $9,316,796
11 Monta Ellis G 6-3 $8,360,000
8 Jose Manuel Calderon G 6-3 $6,791,570
34 Brandan Wright F 6-9 $5,000,000
1 Samuel Dalembert C 6-11 $3,700,748
25 Vince Carter F-G 6-6 $3,180,000
21 Wayne Ellington G 6-4 $2,500,000
3 Shane Larkin G 5-11 $1,536,960
20 Devin Harris G 6-3 $1,272,279
45 DeJuan Blair F 6-7 $941,000
9 Jae Crowder F 6-6 $788,872
5 Bernard James F-C 6-10 $788,872
7 Ricky Ledo G 6-6 $550,000
33 Gal Mekel G 6-3 $490,180

Dallas Mavericks      

DeJuan Blair (San Antonio), Jose Manuel Calderon (Detroit), Samuel Dalembert (Milwaukee), Wayne Ellington (Cleveland), Monta Ellis (Milwaukee), Devin Harris (Atlanta), Shane Larkin (Miami), Ricky Ledo (Providence) and Gal Mekel (Maccabi Haifa).

Josh Akognon (Free Agent), Elton Brand (Atlanta), Darren Collison (LA Clippers), Jared Cunningham (Atlanta), Mike James (Chicago), Chris Kaman (LA Lakers), OJ Mayo (Milwaukee) and Anthony Morrow (New Orleans).

Vince Carter, Jae Crowder, Devin Harris, Bernard James, Shawn Marion and Dirk Nowitzki.

While he may have slowed down, Dirk Nowitzki still has the ability to be one of the most dominant NBA scorers ... The new backcourt of Jose Calderon and Monta Ellis has different skills that could blend together – Calderon being one of the top distributors and Ellis a proven scorer ... Bench scoring should be sufficient with Vince Carter, Devin Harris and DeJuan Blair ... While his offensive game has fallen, Shawn Marion is still a magnificent and versatile defender ... Frontcourt defense should be improved with the addition of Samuel Dalembert ... Should be a pretty good team from the free-throw line ... Rick Carlisle remains one of the league's top coaches .. He consistently puts his players in the best position to take advantage of their talents.
The Mavericks are a team in transition, not totally rebuilding but with not enough pieces to contend ... It's a dangerous middle ground to be for NBA teams… Dallas is an aging team that has too many players whose best NBA days are well behind them ... The backcourt of Calderon and Ellis, while solid offensively, will be taken advantage of on the defensive end ... Other than Nowitzki, the Mavs will struggle for consistent frontcourt scoring among starters ... Ellis can create instant offense, but is a poor three-point shooter (.287 last year) and actually does opponents a favor when he pulls up instead of taking to the basket ... Dalembert has never really developed any low-post moves, which means his defender can continue to gamble and double-team Nowitzki ... Not the toughest team around.

28 years and 183 days (opening day), 6 foot 5.93 inches, 214 lbs.

239-155 (59.6 percent)

4th in the Southwest Division / 9th in the Western Conference

PG: Jose Manuel Calderon SG: Monta Ellis SF: Shawn Marion
Heady point guard with a consistent outside shot. Great locker room presence. Can be a liability defensively. Supremely talented guard that doesn't make good decisions on the court. Me-first attitude. Not the athletic freak he once was, but still a very efficient defender for the Mavericks.
PF: Dirk Nowitzki C: Samuel Dalembert Sixth: Devin Harris
Best player in franchise history. No longer in his prime years. How much left in the tank? A model of inconsistency. Good Dalembert is an impact player, but we don't see that version very often. Looking to revive his career back in his old stomping grounds. Has lost a step or two.