3 Chris Paul G 6-0 $18,668,431
32 Blake Griffin F 6-10 $16,402,500
6 DeAndre Jordan C 6-11 $10,986,550
4 JJ Redick G 6-4 $6,500,000
11 Jamal Crawford G 6-5 $5,225,000
9 Jared Dudley F 6-7 $4,250,000
22 Matt Barnes F 6-7 $3,250,000
2 Darren Collison G 6-0 $1,900,000
34 Willie Green G 6-4 $1,399,507
33 Antawn Jamison F 6-9 $1,399,507
15 Ryan Hollins C 7-0 $1,186,459
25 Reggie Bullock F 6-7 $1,149,000
0 BJ Mullens C 7-0 $947,907
5 Maalik Wayns G 6-1 $788,872

Los Angeles Clippers      

Reggie Bullock (North Carolina), Darren Collison (Dallas), Jared Dudley (Phoenix), Antawn Jamison (LA Lakers), BJ Mullens (Charlotte) and JJ Redick (Milwaukee).

Chauncey Billups (Detroit), Eric Bledsoe (Phoenix), Caron Butler (Phoenix), Grant Hill (Retired), DaJuan Summers (Budivelnyk) and Ronny Turiaf (Minnesota).

Darren Collison, Ryan Hollins, Antawn Jamison and BJ Mullens.

Best point guard in the game ... Chris Paul runs the offense like no other ... Clutch player that can make big shots under pressure too ... Around him, the best Clippers roster ever ... Team is stacked with talented, tough and experienced players ... With a little progress, Blake Griffin can become the best power forward in the game ... Incredibly athletic big man duo with DeAndre Jordan ... It's a dunk waiting to happen ... There will be plenty of open shots to go around ...  Plenty of players with the ability to hit them – like JJ Redick, Jamal Crawford or Jared Dudley ... Strong defensive squad ... Coaching used to be a weakness and is now a strength with Doc Rivers, who has plenty of experience dealing with stars and long rotations.
Are Paul and Griffin on the same page? ... That seemed to be an issue lately ... Plain bad free-throw shooting ... Hard to keep Griffin and Jordan on the floor at the end of tied games knowing they will be fouled ... No player on the roster has won big in the NBA or even college ... Any Donald Sterling drama coming?

28 years and 162 days (opening day), 6 foot 6.36 inches, 215 lbs.

176-218 (44.6 percent)

1st in the Pacific Division / 2nd in the Western Conference

PG: Chris Paul SG: JJ Redick SF: Jared Dudley
True floor general that gets everybody involved, scores and plays good defense too. Fantastic outside shooter that now does other things well enough to get extended playing time. Smart, skilled and unathletic player that will compete with Barnes for minutes. Nice perimeter game.
PF: Blake Griffin C: DeAndre Jordan Sixth: Jamal Crawford
Gifted athlete that has been an NBA star from Year 1. Has there been any progress in his game ever since? Great help defender that can dunk anything you throw his way. Not much offensive polish. Comes out firing. Came close to being selected for the All-Star Game last season.