Pau Gasol on L'Equipe article hinting at doping: "It's …

Pau Gasol on L’Equipe article hinting at doping: “It’s not nice to have your professionalism and your integrity questioned without merit. It’s not acceptable. At the same time, I try look at the positive side of things. While it was something negative, I still managed to look at it as something positive, like they were complimenting me as a player.”
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December 12, 2017 | 11:00 pm EST Update
And if it doesn’t heal? “There’s a chance, yeah,” he said of the possibility of surgery at some point. “The path I’m on right now, the MRI shows it’s gotten a little better. But there’s a chance (he could need a procedure). It’s a tricky situation and hard for me to say. It’s very frustrating. Recovery-wise, I get out there and work out and feel OK, and it’ll bother me the next day.”