Donnie Nelson: "That being said, you never say never in…

Donnie Nelson: “That being said, you never say never in this business. You’ve always got to grease board every possible circumstance. But I really feel like we got a group that’s put together and we want to give ourselves every opportunity to make the playoffs.” So basically, the Mavericks aren’t going to rush into a decision until it becomes perfectly clear the team can’t compete for a playoff bid.
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November 21, 2017 | 3:47 am EST Update
Asked their approach as leaders, Westbrook gave one of his longest responses of the season. “You can talk. Talking don’t do anything at this point,” Westbrook said. “You got to go out and play. You can talk as much as you want to, but guys got to take personal pride and understand how important it is to go out and compete and not take it for granted. I think as players, you go out on the floor and sometimes you take it for granted and don’t realize how important it is and embracing the moment. Each individual guy has to do that every night.”
Donovan said it’s “different things” that are contributing to the Thunder’s troubles, but said he doesn’t think the blown leads are creeping into his team’s mentality, doesn’t think his players are waiting for the opponent’s run to come. The story’s getting repetitive, but is it giving the Thunder a here-we-go-again mentality? “It could,” Westbrook said, then added that as a player, “It’s really up to you.”